What Are Some Cars That Start With the Letter "W"?

Some cars that start with the letter "W" are the Wagoneer, Wrangler, Windstar and Wartburg. This set includes traditional passenger models, minivans and sport-utility vehicles.

The Wagoneer was a sport-utility vehicle manufactured by Jeep. Introduced in 1963, it was the first luxury 4x4 available in 2-door and 4-door styles, offering rear-wheel and four-wheel drive options. While the vehicle was credited with starting the SUV revolution, production of the Wagoneer was discontinued in 1991 after a 28-year production run, one of the longest runs in automobile history.

The Wrangler is a sport-utility vehicle that is also manufactured by Jeep. First produced in 1992, the vehicle remains in production, and is available in short-wheelbase two-door, and long-wheelbase four-door body styles.

The Windstar was a minivan that was manufactured and sold by the Ford Motor Company from 1995 to 2003. This minivan was the second produced by Ford and the first in the company's line to utilize front-wheel drive layouts that were made popular by Chrysler.

The Wartburg was a three-cylinder, two-stroke engine automobile manufactured in East Germany that contained only seven moving parts. The name was derived from Wartburg Castle. The castle rests atop a hill overlooking Eisenach, the town where the cars were produced.