What Are Some Cars That Start With the Letter "U"?

While there aren't many makes of car that begin with the letter "U," two vehicles that do start with "U" are the Uplander minivan by Chevrolet and the Ulysse by Fiat. The Uplander, which is no longer made, was offered from 2005 to 2008. The first-generation Ulysse Eurovan is also known by the names of the Peugeot 806, Lancia Zeta and the Citroën Evasion.

According to the Chevrolet website, the discontinued Uplander featured a regular wheelbase, with extended wheelbases available on some of the models. Offering seating for as many as eight passengers, the Uplander featured removable rear seats, dual AC and power-slide side doors. Standard equipment on the Uplander included four-speed AT, V6 engine and a safety package that included a safety-cage design and antilock brakes.

According to WhatCar, the largest car buyer's guide in Britain, the Ulysse's dash features a contemporary, minimalist design and comes complete with central-mounted dials. The publication states that most models carry seven passengers. Top-line Ulysse model cars showcase six separate captain's chairs as well. All seats in the vehicle are removable except for the two seats in the front.

WhatCar adds that the Ulysse models all have sliding rear doors, with electrically operated doors offered at an additional cost.