How Do You Find Cars for Sale on Kijiji?


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Find used and new cars for sale on Kijiji by visiting the site's main page, selecting a specific area within Canada, and then choosing the Cars & Vehicles section. From here, a user is able to search through active listings for cars or sort them by factors such as price.

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Buying a car on Kijiji works best when the user focuses only on listings in their local area. Dealing locally means it's easier for the buyer to inspect the vehicle and take it home if they decide to purchase it. While it is possible to look at listings in different areas, the buyer needs to be aware of potential difficulties in making arrangements with the seller and the possibility of wasted costs for traveling a long distance and then not purchasing the car.

Once a buyer locates a listing for a car they like and sets a time to inspect the car, they should research the car as much as possible prior to seeing it. Understanding what features the car is supposed to have and how it is supposed to function makes the inspection easier. The buyer should also check the car's vehicle history report to find out if it was ever in an accident.

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