What Cars Are Recalled Due to Faulty Air Bags?


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In January 2015, Honda, Toyota and Chrysler recalled some models for faulty air bags, as certain air bags may inadvertently inflate while the car is in motion. Additionally, in 2014 GM recalled Pontiac Vibe and the Saab 92X due to issues with the air bag inflator device.

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In January 2015, federal regulators ordered Honda, Toyota and Chrysler to recall approximately 2.1 million older vehicles. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Viper, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Corolla and Honda Odyssey as well as Toyota Avalon, Acura MDX and Pontiac Vibe manufactured between 2002 and 2004 are some models included in the recall. The malfunction causes air bags to rupture with sufficient force to cause serious injury such as burns and scratches or death in the absence of a crash while the car is running.

Initially, the carmakers recalled and believed to have fixed the problem between 2012 and 2014. However, it turned out the three automakers had attempted to fix the defect but were not completely successful. In order to resolve the issue, dealers had to recall the models for a second time and replace the defective electric control unit.

Recalling cars due to faulty air bags is quite common in the industry. In 2014, GM recalled Pontiac Vibe and the Saab 92X because the air bags of these two models could explode under certain conditions.

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