What Cars Have ISOFIX?

All cars manufactured after 2006 are equipped with ISOFIX, as are a large number of cars manufactured prior to 2006. To determine if a specific vehicle has ISOFIX, look for labels located between the base and the back of the seats, or refer to the vehicle's dealer or owner's manual. In addition, each ISOFIX seat has a list of vehicles approved for use, as not all seats fit every car.

ISOFIX offers an internationally standardized way of fitting child car seats to vehicles, ensuring that the car seats are safely and easily secured. ISOFIX was first introduced in 1997 with the Volkswagen Golf IV, and it became widely used after being incorporated into a European test standard for car seats in 2004. Earlier ISOFIX-equipped vehicles used two connecting points along the base of the seat, while as of 2014 newer models include an additional attachment point along the top of the seat. These connecting points are built into the car's frame at the time of manufacture. This removes the need for securing the seat with the adult seat belt. ISOFIX car seats use a pronged connector that clips onto these attachment points and include a fabric strap that can be adjusted for a secured fit. Because all car seats are different in terms of shape and size, the child car seat still needs to be test-fitted to the vehicle to ensure that it fits.