What Are Some Cars With Good Gas Efficiency?


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The Ford Fiesta, the Honda Fit and several Toyota Prius models are cars with some of the best fuel efficiency ratings, as of 2015. In the SUV, crossover and truck class, the RAM 1500, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus NX 300h received some of the top ratings.

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The Ford Fiesta leads the field in the subcompact class with an overall rating of 36 miles per gallon, while the Honda Fit paced the small station wagon class with the same fuel efficiency rating. The Toyota Prius ruled the compact and midsize models as well as the full-size station wagons. With a 42 mpg average for the wagon and 50 mpg for the other two. The Prius has the best fuel efficiency ratings of any non-electric vehicle.

The RAM 1500 led all standard-size pickups with a 24 mpg average and was almost two miles per gallon better than any truck in the small pickup class. In the small SUV category, the Lexus turned in a very good rating average of 33 mpg and it actually performed better in city driving than highway mileage, scoring 35 mpg in town. The standard size SUV winner was the Toyota Highlander Hybrid with a 28 mpg average.

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