What Are Some Cars That Have a Ford 5.4 L Engine?


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The 5.4 liter engine is found in the Ford F-Series trucks from 1997 to 2014, Expeditions and the E-series from 1999 to 2014. The engine was made to replace the older model V-8's that were in the earlier model F-series trucks. The trucks were first upgraded to a 4.6 liter engine, but the power boost and abilities of the engine were not enough and they increased them again to the 5.4 version.

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The 5.4 liter engine has three versions, a 16 valve, a 24 valve and a 32 valve. The engine is constructed of cast iron with aluminum heads, which gives the engine a very sturdy base. The earliest version of the engine only got around 235 horsepower compared to the later versions 310 horsepower.

The engine won several Best Engine awards over the years that is has been available. Many consumers like the low-rev torque and power that the engine puts out. The engine is what is referred to as a modular engine. This means that the manufacturer can quickly and easily change out parts of the mold to make different variations of the engine. These variations mean that the engines can be adjusted as needed to get the right power, torque or any other adjustments that the company feels like it needs to produce the best quality engine for their vehicles.

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