How Do You Find Cars Available for Sale on Craigslist in Ohio?


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To find and purchase a car in Ohio, open up a web browser to Craigslist.org and select a city in Ohio where you want to shop for a car. For example, selecting Columbus from the list brings up the entire Craigslist menu of listings for Columbus, Ohio, and from there the Cars + Trucks menu is available under the For Sale section.

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Once you have selected a city and the Cars + Trucks option, you can choose between viewing vehicles sold strictly by dealerships or cars that are sold by their owners personally. A third option exists to simply see every listing available for vehicles, and regardless of which one the buyer chooses, the site pulls up the listing of vehicles fitting the criteria selected. Listings are displayed in order of newest to oldest, so the first posts that appear have a higher chance of still being available.

Once you have selected a particular post, you can view the listing in its entirety. Most vehicles have the price listed in the title, along with the make and model of the car or truck for sale. Craigslist allows users to post pictures in their listings, so you can usually locate pictures of the vehicle directly under the heading. To the right is also a list of features for the vehicle, such as what type of fuel it uses and the number of miles logged on the odometer. A Reply button on the page makes inquiring to the seller easy by providing an email address or phone number if the seller listed one.

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