What Is the Cargo Capacity of the Airbus A330?


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The Airbus A330-200F carries between 65 and 70 tons of cargo. As of 2015, the cost per ton is 13 percent lower than its nearest competitor's price.

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The Airbus A330-200F offers a flexible loading system. On the main deck, it holds up to 23 pallets or a mixture of pallets and cargo containers. The Airbus A330-200F also features a lower deck that holds up to 26 containers in addition to 19.7 cubic meters of bulk cargo.

Freight companies use the Airbus to transport cargo all over the globe. The Airbus offers a number of clean and efficient features that make it economically and environmentally desirable, including reinforced fuselage and doors, an eco-efficient engine, and an advanced navigation system.

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