Is the Carefree Car Protection Extended Warranty Good?

Carefree Car Protection is an extended warranty offered by Fidelity Warranty Services Inc., which holds a B+ rating from the Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau, the agency website shows. Fidelity Warranty isn't listed as one of the top recommended warranty providers reviewed by Consumer Automotive Research.

Fidelity Warranty Services Inc., based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has been the subject of several complaints to the Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau, agency records show. The complaints listed don't refer to the Carefree Car Protection designation specifically but do reflect concerns by consumers dissatisfied with various extended vehicle warranties provided by Fidelity Warranty Services.

Some financial advisers, including Dave Ramsey, recommend against purchasing any extended auto warranty. Ramsey's position, described in his blog, is that building up savings for eventual needed repairs is more economical than paying for a warranty.