How to Care for Leather Seats in a King Ranch Pickup?

How to Care for Leather Seats in a King Ranch Pickup?

Caring for leather seats in a King Ranch pickup involves understanding the type of leather, using leather care products and adopting protective measures. A thin layer of vinyl is usually added on some leather seats to protect the leather from dirt, UV light and oil from people's skin. Some vehicles do not have this protection, hence requiring regular care.

With a variety of cleaners and protectants on the market, caring for the leather seats of a car has been made easier. Here are the steps to caring for the seats:

Step 1: Know the type of leather

To know what kind of leather is used on the seats, apply a few drops of water on them. Absorption of the water implies that the leather is not coated, while repulsion of the water means that the seats are coated. Alternatively, you can read the owner's manual to learn more about the seats.

Step 2: Apply care products

Clean and condition the seats to get rid of dirt, oils and grease. Test the care product on another area prior to applying it on the seats. Use a brush to remove any gunk in the crevices. Apply a leather conditioner to moisturize the interior and add a protectant product on the leather.

Step 3: Adopt protective measures

Park the car in the shade or cover the windows to protect the leather from direct UV light. The direct light causes the leather to age quickly. Avoid keeping objects, such as keys, in the pockets when sitting in the seat. Continue to clean the seats regularly.