What Is a Carburetor Adjusting Tool Used For?


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Individuals use a carburetor adjusting tool to tighten parts and to keep small engines, such as those in chainsaws, running efficiently. There are four main tool shapes available, and they often come in kits, which are available at retailers such as Amazon.com.

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The main shapes of carburetor adjusting tools available are splined, pac-man, D-style and double D-style. Different small engines require different tool shapes, and most of them, including brands such as Husqvarna, Craftsman, Weedeater and Toro, are repairable by these basic tools. Some brands, however, may require a special adjusting tool that is not available in these kits. In this case, an individual must purchase it separately. Each tool costs about $9 on average, but as of 2015, the kits of four are available for about $13, which is a much better value.

Each tool in the kit helps an individual tighten parts, which helps all of the components of a small engine synchronize. These adjustments also help to add to the utility of the mechanisms in the engine. People also use these kits to install a carburetor, and though many people find their use cumbersome when first beginning, practice helps a user feel more comfortable. Once a person is comfortable with these tools, there are many things these parts can do when working on a small engine carburetor.

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