What Is a Car Wash Wringer?

What Is a Car Wash Wringer?

A car wash wringer is a machine that squeezes water out of a towel or other material used to dry a car. The fabric passes through a set of rollers that remove excess moisture, thus decreasing the amount of time it takes to dry the car. Car wash wringers remove more moisture than wringing out the fabric by hand or, in some cases, spinning in a machine.

Most hand wringers have adjustable rollers that accommodate both thin and heavy cloth. An effective wringer also has a tamper resistant tension adjustment to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed on the cloth. This constant tension removes the maximum amount of moisture without damaging the fabric.

A wringer whose outer frame and handle consist of a rust-resistant material such as steel or zinc is both tough and durable. Smooth non-marring rubber rollers are also important to prevent snagging the cloth and damaging it. High-quality bearings made of bronze or waxed maple provide excellent durability.

Wringers are available in both free-standing and attachable models. Attachable models clamp to a basin, which collects the water as the rollers squeeze it out. Free-standing models sometimes attach to a stand that sits above a drain so water doesn't collect on the floor.

Wringers are also useful for speeding the drying time of laundered clothing, sheets and blankets. They are also handy for drying rain-soaked coats and socks.