What Makes a Car Vintage?


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A car is considered vintage if it was manufactured between 1916 and 1924, according to About.com. However, others place the range between 1919 and 1930, claims Cars Direct.

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What Makes a Car Vintage?
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Antique cars are typically older than vintage cars, as stated by About.com, but Cars Direct says that some vintage cars may be legally classified as antiques. Antique and classic cars can no longer be classified as such if they have been modified from the original specifications of the manufacturer, but this rule does not apply to vintage cars, as reported by Cars Direct.

However, the original parts found in vintage cars are vital to the history of the automotive industry as About.com claims that the most significant advances in the industry occurred during the vintage car era. These advances include improved parts that were engineered to make the car run safer and more efficiently than antique models. Also, mass production made vehicles more affordable.

According to About.com, the advances manufacturers made in engines also provided one of the widest selections of engine types that consumers had ever seen. The most influential engine type brought to the market was the V-12 from Packard, which uses a similar internal combustion engine configuration found in many cars today.

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