What Makes a Car Start and Then Die Immediately?


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A car that starts up initially but dies immediately thereafter is experiencing a problem with either its carburetor or fuel injection system. The culprit depends on the year, make and model of the vehicle in question. Carburetors are easy to fix, while fuel injection issues cost a large sum to diagnose and repair.

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What Makes a Car Start and Then Die Immediately?
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The issue with a car that starts up at first but then proceeds to stall immediately afterward is associated with the amount and quality of fuel being pumped through the engine block. The kind of car in question dictates whether a carburetor is present in the vehicle or if a fuel injection system is in charge of regulating these qualities. In instances where the automobile starts but does not continue to run, one of these two systems is present in the car and is not working properly.

These systems are susceptible to failure in cases where the wrong kind of fuel is present. This is a common occurrence in cases where a vehicle owner puts an inappropriate type of gasoline or diesel into the tank. In other instances, the trouble with the carburetor or fuel injection system is that these assets are simply worn out, broken or filled with residue.

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