Why Does My Car Squeal When I Turn?


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If a car squeals while turning, it's possible there's a problem with the power-steering system. The root of the issue might be a belt that's coming loose, a pump that's going bad or that the power-steering fluid needs to be refilled.

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A car's power-steering system is made up of the pump, steering gear or rack, tie rods and hoses or hard lines that bind the pump to the rack or gear. The seals that hold the power-steering fluid can start to deteriorate over time, which causes the fluid to leak. Most often the steering pump begins to squeak as the power-steering fluid starts to leak out.

There are special chemicals that can be used to stop leaks. These chemicals can be added to the power-steering reservoir before it's filled it up with power-steering fluid. The way the special chemicals work is that they gradually expand and soften the seals in order to take care of the leaks.

Beside squeaking, the front end of a car might make other noises, such as clunking, clicking, humming and the sound of metal grinding on metal. If the problem isn't the power-steering fluid, it could be worn down shocks, weakening brake components, bad CV joints or bad wheel bearings.

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