Why Does My Car Squeak When Moving?

A squeaky car indicates that something is wrong with the chassis or the brakes. A squeaking vehicle means it is time to take the car in for servicing or conduct maintenance at home where it is available. Conducting a full inspection is the best way to discover the problem.

Squeaking while driving indicates that there is a problem with one of the various interfaces in the vehicle that are meant to move freely. Friction in a mechanical system causes squeaking, which in turn is heard by the driver. This sound means it is necessary to conduct maintenance in order to reduce the damage these issues related to friction might incur, as these problems are prone to producing large-scale problems throughout an engine.

The presence of squeaking while driving indicates that the problem is associated with a system that is active while the vehicle is moving forward. That reduces the chance of anything in the engine being the issue and indicates it must be something in the brakes or chassis. Brake pads, ball bearings, tie rods and various housings are likely to be the issue behind these noises. The sound indicates something is stuck in the works or that an element that requires greasing demands maintenance.