Where Is My Car's VIN Number Located?


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The VIN number of a car is usually located on the driver's side doorpost or on the driver's side dashboard, according to DMV.org. The VIN number can also be found on the engine block, under the spare tire or on the frame next to the windshield wiper fluid container.

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Where Is My Car's VIN Number Located?
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A car's VIN number can be found on the frame where the underside of the side mirror meets the frame. Without the car present, an individual can find the car's VIN number on the registration or on an insurance identification card, adds DMV.org.

A vehicle identification number, or VIN, is typically 17 characters long and provides information about the car, including its make, model and year of production, according to DMV.org. The first three characters identify the manufacturer, and the last 14 characters identify the body type, transmission type, engine and other information, claims Ronald Montoya for Edmunds.com. VIN numbers were created to reduce theft and help owners track the history of their car. Before a national VIN system was created in 1981, each car manufacturer had its own method of identifying its vehicles. A VIN lets the owner and officials identify the car throughout its lifetime, and it is used on the car's title, recall information and accident reports.

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