How Do You Find Your Car's Fuel Filter?

The fuel filter is generally located underneath the chassis of the car or mounted on the firewall of the engine compartment. The exact location of the fuel filter will vary according to each vehicle, but a factory service manual will be able to show its exact location.

The factory service manual is a book or online e-book that allows users to correctly troubleshoot their vehicle. The manual will properly list the location of each of the vehicle's mechanical components as well the provide information on how to replace it. The following steps are general instructions in how to locate and replace a fuel filter.

  1. Locate the fuel filter
  2. Use a factory service manual to locate the position of the fuel filter.

  3. Relieve the fuel pressure
  4. Open the gas tank cap and relieve the fuel pressure from the system. This will help prevent fuel from shooting out of the lines when the unit is being replaced.

  5. Raise and secure the vehicle
  6. This step only applies for filters located underneath the chassis, if it is located in the engine compartment proceed to the next step. Raise the vehicle and secure it using a jack stand.

  7. Loosen the fuel filter mounting bolts
  8. Loosen the fuel filter mounting bolts and disconnect its lines. Remove the unit.

  9. Replace the filter
  10. Install the new filter, reconnect the lines and tighten the bolts.