How Do You Find Your Car's Dimensions?

How Do You Find Your Car's Dimensions? and offer information on car dimensions for a wide variety of automakers. Both sites provide car dimensions and other useful information. Some sites, such as, post basic and easy-to-find data that is helpful for consumers who need a quick reference.

Carfolio is one of the sites that provides comprehensive information on a car's technical specifications. To find a car's dimensions via Carfolio, visit the site's homepage and click CarSpecs A-Z. The car manufacturers are in alphabetical order and the country name under the automaker's name indicates its country of origin. Click an automaker's name and choose the year and make of the car. The page loads the technical information of the car, including its dimensions and weights in inches and millimeter and details about its engine, fuel consumption and chassis. offers a graphical view of a car's dimension. Navigate to the site's homepage and click Vehicle Specs DB under Resources on the primary menu. Select the year, make and model of a car. The site displays a graphical representation of the car along with its dimension points. Each specification comes with a description. The dimensions are available in inches and millimeters.

For basic information, such as a car's length, width and height, visit and select an automaker on its homepage. The site displays all the automakers' cars of the automaker in its database together with the cars' dimensions and luggage capacity.