What Are Some Car Repair Troubleshooting Tips?


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Car repair troubleshooting tips include inspecting the ignition switch, checking the level of the fuel tank and inspecting the battery cable for corrosion. These particular troubleshooting tips are for problems related to a car's engine not starting when the ignition key is turned on.

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Troubleshooting tips for a problem of black exhaust smoke while driving include inspecting the coolant temperature sensor and MAP sensor. If any of the sensors are faulty or disconnected, the solution to the exhaust problem is to replace the parts.

A tip for troubleshooting brake problems is to press on the pedal with the engine in park while paying attention to how the pedal reacts. If the pedal feels spongy then it is likely that there is air in the brake lines. The master cylinder is defective in cases where the pedal doesn't stay firm under continuous pressure and sinks slowly to the floor instead.

A troubleshooting tip for engine overheating problems is to check the pressure cap at a service station. If the gasket on the cap is deteriorated, it causes the cooling system to malfunction. Another problem that leads to engine overheating is a malfunction in the ignition system, where late timing causes the spark plugs to fire after the piston returns to its normal position. A tip is to have a service facility check the vehicle on an electronic diagnostic machine and make adjustments, if necessary.

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