How Do You Know When Your Car Registration Expires?

Typically, a letter or postcard is sent to car owners annually, notifying them of when the vehicle registration will expire. In the event of an annual registration, the renewal date is often on or before the owner's birthday for convenience. The required renewal date can also be located on the vehicle registration form.

A grace period may be offered for up to 30 days after the date the registration should be renewed depending on the state in which the vehicle is registered. To avoid having to use the grace period, drivers should keep the registration card on hand in the vehicle so that they can see the specific day of the renewal easily. If the grace period is not offered or the registration is not renewed, fines are added to the renewal accordingly. The fines increase as the pay period is passed and usually cap at $100.

Duplicates of registration cards may be acquired by submitting an application to the state in which the car is registered so that if one is lost or stolen, drivers will not forget the date of registration. More penalties may be added in certain states for late fees or duplication fees; to find out if these apply, contact the local department of motor vehicles.