What Is a Car Recycling Program?


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A car recycling program is a program in which people can receive money for giving their old cars to a company that recycles them. Green Vehicle Disposal is North America's oldest and largest car recycling program.

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To recycle a car using the Green Vehicle Disposal program, contact the company either online or over the phone to share details regarding the car and its location and schedule a pick-up time. Green Vehicle Disposal picks up recyclable cars for free. After the car is in the company's possession, it ensures the car is disposed of in the most environmentally conscious way possible. In order to demonstrate this to the client, Green Vehicle Disposal provides a Certificate of Deregistration or Destruction along with the removal of the car.

The Green Vehicle Disposal program recycles cars in two steps. First, it removes all hazardous fluids from the car at an Authorized Treatment Facility. This process is known as de-pollution and also includes disposing of the wheels, tires and battery. After the car has gone through de-pollution and been crushed, the vehicle's husk is recycled by a shredding operation.

The goal of Green Vehicle Disposal is to reduce or eventually eliminate the amount of waste caused by vehicles that have reached the ends of their lives, as the company says. To this end, the company provides pick-up of end of life vehicles anywhere in North America.

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