What Car Paint Colors Does Maaco Offer?


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Maaco offers over 45 vehicle paint colors, including Electric Lime Green, Candy Apple Red, Obsidian Black, Competition Orange and Baja Gold. Antique White and Waterwold Pearl are two other automotive colors that Maaco offers.

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Maaco provides three paint packages: basic, preferred and premium. The basic package is the most affordable, but also the least durable. It includes a single coat of paint and a one-year warranty. The preferred package renders more durability for a mid-range cost and includes a three-year warranty. This single-stage application uses urethane, which is more resistant to chipping and everyday wear. Maaco's premium service involves a two-stage process and features a five-year warranty.

Maaco car paint is not a standard brand of paint, which makes matching a small area of paint to an entire car's color a difficult task. Unlike car dealerships that offer a limited selection of stock paint colors, Maaco boasts customized paint jobs by using and mixing a large variety of specialty paints. The company also has metallic paint options.

In addition to paying a certain amount of money to own a branch of the franchise, Maaco franchisees must qualify and attend training to operate the service. However, quality occasionally suffers at individual locations.

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