What Are Some Car Models That Start With the Letter "U"?

Some car models that start with the letter U are the Fiat Uno, Fiat Ullyse, Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Universal Power Drives Unipower GT and Chevy Uplander. These vehicles range from traditional passenger models to high-performance supercars.

The Uno was a spacious and fuel-efficient mini-car manufactured by Italian automaker Fiat. Fiat sold the first Uno in 1983, and built over 8 million until production was halted in 2013. The Ullyse, also manufactured by Fiat, is a full-sized multi-purpose vehicle that is akin to a minivan.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is a four-wheel-drive, multi-purpose, medium-sized truck. Unimog stands for Universal-Motor-Gerat which, in German, translates to machine or device. First manufactured shortly after World War II, these vehicles are famous for their off-road prowess; military transport, expedition camping and snow removal are among their uses.

The Unipower GT was a sports car produced in 1966 by British truck maker Universal Power Drives Ltd. Only 75 of these cars were ever made. Fitted with a fiberglass body and space frame chassis, it offered excellent suspension, low drag and light weight that resulted in excellent speed, handling and performance.

The Uplander was a minivan manufactured by Chevrolet. First introduced in 2005, it offered seating for up to eight passengers and a V6 engine. It was available in regular and extended versions. Chevrolet discontinued the Uplander in 2008.