What Car Manufacturer Makes the Bugatti Veyron?

Volkswagen partnered with Bugatti to design the Veyron. The Bugatti company opened its doors in 1909 and is famous for producing cars with artistic and unique designs.

The Veyron's chief designer Hartmut Warkus paired with exterior designer Jozef Kaban of Volkswagen Group to create the vehicle. As of 2014, the Veyron continues to hold the record for the world's fastest production car.

Early Production

The 1999 Tokyo Motor show featured the EB 118 - the first Veyron concept car. After several tweaks and redesigns, the first model was introduced to the public in 2005. Throughout its first-generation run there were over 30 variations of the Veyron produced. Each offered different trim options. Unfortunately, the first models had its short-comings such as an off-set driving position and high curb-weight.

Grand Sport

After the success of the original Veyron, consumers wanted a convertible model, thus the Grand Sport was introduced. The Grand Sport features reinforced side-skirts, B-pillars and an extra carbon fiber beam in the doors. For safety reasons, the engine was not as powerful as its predecessor, rated at only 987 horsepower.

World Record

In 2010, the Bugatti Veyron managed to break the production car top speed world record at 267.8 mph. The car managed this with a new and improved engine that produced 1,200 horsepower.

Bugatti Veyron cars are manufactured in a studio near Château Saint Jean, France. This location is near the main offices of Bugatti. The manufacturing site has an oval shape that is similar to the architectural style favored by the founder of the Bugatti Empire, Ettore Bugatti.

Three other buildings are attached to the main building, giving the appearance of the middle engine of the Bugatti Veyron. In the design studio, only one car is worked on at each station. Each car is worked on completely by hand and is checked for every technological flaw so that it is in excellent condition.