Why Does My Car Make a Squealing Noise?

Cars make a squealing noise because of worn-out fan belts, low or uneven tire pressure, worn-out brake pads, cracked hoses or low power steering fluid. Most of these noises are indicators of poor maintenance. The services of professional car repair shops are required to stop the squealing noises.

Loud squealing noises experienced when accelerating the car are caused by a loose or worn-out fan belt. Such sounds are common when the car is still warming up. Low or worn-out belts cause extreme squealing sounds that are very uncomfortable for the ears. The solution to these noises is replacing both the fan belt and the timing belt. Hissing sounds produced when the car is idle are indicators of a cracked or loose hose. The vehicle must be serviced immediately to correct this anomaly.

Worn brake lining and brake pads cause a squealing noise when the brakes are applied. Such noises are a warning for the repair or replacement of the worn-out brakes to be carried out. There are also cases of whining noises emanating from the front of the car. These noises are as a result of low power steering brake fluid. Steady whines are dangerous because they indicate extremely low power steering fluid. The solution to this noise is booking a full tune repair service with a professional auto repair technician.