What Are Some Car Interior Cleaning Tips?


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Tips for cleaning the interior of the car include vacuuming the car upholstery thoroughly with a high-powered vacuum cleaner that includes various attachments, washing the inside of the windows with a glass cleaner, using a household all-purpose cleaner on hard surfaces and cleaning the leather trim with a mild leather soap. Vacuum again, and condition the interior of the car.

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Vacuum the seats, headliners, rear parcel shelf and trunk with a vacuum’s upholstery nozzle. Lift the floor mats to vacuum areas underneath them, and vacuum the mats thoroughly. If necessary, remove the seats, tools and spare tires to access the areas under them, and use the vacuum brush to work the carpet. Vacuum seat pockets and other areas that hide dirt with a crevice tool.

Using a steam cleaner, clean the mats and carpets first to give them adequate time to dry. Alternatively, use a spray-on carpet cleaner and stiff bristle brush. Clean areas that contain spilled liquids with an appropriate detergent and brush. Next, clean the safety belts, seat joints and other cloth upholstery with a spray-on cleaner or steam cleaner that includes an upholstery metal attachment.

Apply a glass cleaner on the windows, rub them with a damp cloth, rinse and buff dry. Dip a cloth in water, ring it slightly, apply saddle soap to the cloth and gently wash the seats and leather-upholstered areas. Clean the ash tray, radio buttons, air vents and other tight areas with a damp toothbrush. Replace the removed parts, and place an odor-removal product in the car, if needed.

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