What Car Did Sylvester Stallone Drive in "Cobra"?

Sylvester Stallone drove a custom-built 1950 Mercury Monterrey in the 1986 action thriller film "Cobra." Joe Bailon, a car customizer in the San Francisco area, modified the Monterrey coupe for the movie. Stallone also claims he personally designed the car to fit Marion Cobretti's character.

According to TMZ, Stallone kept the car after the movie was finished. However, in 2009 a company tried to auction off the car, which in 1994 Stallone had reported stolen from his garage. Stallone and his legal counsel filed a lawsuit to regain possession of the car, estimated to be worth $250,000. In 2011, Stallone and the company reached a settlement, and the actor was reunited with the Monterrey coupe after 17 years.