Will a Car Dealership Want to Check Your Drivers License?

A car dealership may ask for a drivers license to perform a credit check, according to Consumer Reports. Ultimately, purchasing a car is a business transaction and there are no laws forcing the customer to show the dealership his license.

A driver needs a drivers license to use, insure or finance a car. The dealership needs to make appropriate credit checks to see how much financing the customer qualifies for. This credit check does not strictly require the dealership to check the customer's drivers license, but some dealerships mislead customers into allowing credit checks too early and too often in the purchase process to benefit the dealership itself, as Edmunds.com indicates. A dealership might mislead the customer by referencing the Patriot Act, claiming the credit check is required by law when in fact there are other ways to satisfy the requirements set forth in the Patriot Act without having the customer undergo a credit check.

A valid drivers license is required to drive a vehicle in the United States. Although a customer may purchase a vehicle with cash or a check, the customer must get insurance for the vehicle and have a legal driver to get the vehicle on the road.