Have Any Car Companies Created a Flying Automobile?


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TerraFugia.com and AeroMobil.com have announced 2017 release dates for flying automobiles. TerraFugia.com currently takes reservations for the first production models, as of 2015. AeroMobil.com states that they hope to start taking reservations in 2016.

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Have Any Car Companies Created a Flying Automobile?
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Although there have been numerous prototype flying cars, none has been commercially viable until now. U.S.-based TerraFugia.com reports that its flying car, the Transition, is the only light aircraft that meets federal safety standards for automobiles. The airplane converts into a two-seat automobile small enough to fit in a standard home garage. AeroMobil.com out of Slovakia states that it is in the final stages of testing for its AeroMobil 3.0.

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