How Is a Car Battery Size Chart Used?

A battery size chart is used to determine the correct battery to use for a specific car. Because automobile batteries are manufactured in a number of sizes, the battery's capacity must be matched to the make and model of an automobile. A battery size chart lists auto makers and the vehicles that are manufactured by each of their companies.

Each list on a battery size chart is separated by the vehicle's make and model year. Under each of these classifications is the matching battery. The charts are found online and in auto outlets that feature a large selection of vehicle batteries.

To find the right type of battery, a car owner needs to check the type of battery technology that is used for the car. Different cars place various demands on a battery. Therefore, drivers should check if a conventional battery is sufficient or if an AGM battery or deep-cycle battery is recommended instead. defines a deep-cycle battery as one that holds less instant energy but delivers energy more efficiently over time. AGM batteries, which are made with an absorbed glass mat construction, are used in high-performance applications. Larger AGM batteries are often designed for deep-cycle applications, and the larger AGM batteries that are recharged provide battery performance over a longer period of time.