Where Can You Find a Yamaha Owner's Manual?


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Yamaha owner's and service manuals are available for purchase on the Official Yamaha Technical Manual Site at YamahaPubs.com. Some manuals are pre-published and kept in stock for immediate shipping. Others are available for Print-on-Demand, which requires up to three days of processing before mailing.

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While it is possible to acquire third-party manuals for Yamaha products, Yamaha strongly recommends the use of only genuine manuals for conducting service and repairs. Genuine factory manuals include original factory specifications and procedures used by Yamaha certified technicians, Yamaha-supported information and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Genuine Yamaha manuals also include part numbers for special tools, seals and lubricants, detailed assembly illustrations, complete electrical diagrams with testing procedures and operational theories for new components. Third-party manuals generally contain incomplete and much less-detailed information.

Yamaha primarily offers owner's manuals, service manuals and owner's service manuals, which are a combination of the two. Owner's manuals provide a basic understanding of the features, operation and routine maintenance of a machine. Service manuals provide technical information for use as a reference during service and repair of a machine. Owner's service manuals contain information that both owner's manuals and service manuals contain, but may not always contain the same amount or depth of information that a service manual contains.

Some manuals may not be found on the web site due to their recent publication or discontinued status. Use the Crestec USA call center toll-free number found on the Help page of YamahaPubs.com to inquire about an unlisted manual.

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