Where Can You Find a Woody Station Wagon for Sale?

Where Can You Find a Woody Station Wagon for Sale?

Woody station wagons can be found for sale through online classic cardealer websites such as Woodiesusa, Classiccars and Autotraderclassics. An authenticWoody station wagon has a passenger compartment constructedout of hardwood

Buyers of classic cars may have to look out of state to locate a particularly desired vehicle of a certain vintage. There are many classic car dealers online that specialize in certain vintages, such as the Woody station wagon.

Early station wagons made out of wood were very popular in southern California because of the mild climate. They were used primarily by hotels and lodges to transport visitors and their luggage to and from train stations and ports.

The original Woody wagons had a high attrition rate in that they were difficult to maintain due to the fast deterioration rate of the hardwood. Over time, the design was emulated using fake, wood-looking side panels and decals.

Two steel body models with wood trim in the station wagon design were made by Willys in 1946 and by Plymouth in 1949. Buick made the last real Woody in 1953 which was sold as the Super Estate and Roadmaster Estate models.

Woodies became very popular when the sinning group, Jan and Dean, used the phrase about their 1943 Ford Woody in their hit song "Surf City" in 1963.