How Can You Find Your Wiper Blade Size?


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Find out the size of a car's windshield wiper blades by using a blade sizing tool on sites such as Wipers123.com, RainX.com or TricoProducts.com, as of 2015. Each site allows users to select a car's make and model from a series of lists, then view the standard wiper blade sizes.

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How Can You Find Your Wiper Blade Size?
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Use the tool on Wipers123.com by choosing a make, year and model from the menu options on the site's main page. Choose an entry from each list in order, as the contents of each subsequent menu depend on the one preceding it. By default, results include only front windshield wiper blades, though vehicles with rear blades receive entries in the results list as well. Results also feature three performance levels, each of which provide different cleaning capacities, as well as options for winter usage.

The blade sizing tool on TricoProducts.com contains an option for different types of vehicles, including passenger cars, RVs and trucks. Results only include Trico blades, but do include the widths of each blade as a reference. RainX.com also features a similar series of menu options, only showing options from its line of blades, as well.

Some vehicles also include the ideal windshield wiper blade size in their instruction or owner's manual.

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