How Can You Winterize an RV?

How Can You Winterize an RV?

To winterize an RV, remove all fresh, gray and black water from the system, and fill the lines with an approved antifreeze. It is necessary to empty the hot water heater and bypass the filtration system before adding antifreeze. Winterizing can typically be completed in a few hours.

  1. Remove and bypass water filters

    Locate and remove any water filters, or bypass them. It is also necessary to bypass the hot water heater in the RV. If necessary, install a bypass kit, and turn off the heating element to the hot water heater.

  2. Flush the system

    At a local sanitary station, remove any water from the fresh water tank, and empty the gray water and black water tanks. Flush the tanks with clean water, and allow them to drain completely. Turn all faucets to the on position to ensure the lines are empty, and drain the water heater by removing the plug. Replace the hot water heater plug, and turn off the faucets.

  3. Add RV-safe antifreeze

    Attach an adaptor to the inlet side of the fresh water system, and pressurize the water system. Use the adaptor to pump antifreeze into the water lines. Turn the faucets on, and flush the toilet until antifreeze is present, then pour a small amount of antifreeze into the drains and toilet to prevent freezing.