Where Can You Find Whitehall Rowboats for Sale?


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Traditional Whitehall rowboats are available for sale through dealers such as Whitehall Rowing and Whitehall Solo. Whitehall rowboat designs date back to the 19th century and have a similar shape to early sailing ships, including a wide hull.

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Whitehall boats are used by many for reliable transportation in coastal areas of the country. They were originally used to ferry goods from boats coming into New York Harbor. They were also used by ship chandlers or dealers in supplies and equipment for ships and boats. Whitehall boats were also used by insurance adjusters, newspaper reporters or as a taxi service.

The Whitehall boat is known for its stability, as it can row easily and fast in smooth or choppy water. The standard model is designed for rowing in lakes, rivers or the open ocean. It is designed with three rowing stations, although one person can easily row from the center or aft.

The boats were first manufactured in the United States at the foot of Whitehall Street in New York. The boats range in size from 14 to 22 feet in length. The larger designs require two people to row them. The Gig design, a longer version, is 25 feet in length and requires four rowers in addition to a coxswain.

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