Where Can You Find a Wheel Lug Pattern Chart for Your Car?


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Online resources such as WheelLugPattern.com and Discounted Wheel Warehouse are useful in determining the wheel lug patterns of various car models. The wheel lug pattern refers to the number of bolts on car wheels and the distance between the bolt holes.

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Other resourceful sites that provide lug pattern information include MyBoltPattern.com and Roadkill Customs, both of which let users search for wheel lug patterns by car make and model. Most modern cars have lug patterns of between four and eight lugs. Most sedans and coupes have four or five bolts, while six, seven and eight bolt configurations are typical in large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.

The bolt pattern consists of two numbers. The first number describes the number of bolt holes on the car wheel, and the second one indicates the distance between the bolts across the wheel diameter. A bolt pattern measurement may be presented in inches, written as 8 x 6.5 inches, or in millimeters, written as 8x165 millimeters. Such a pattern indicates the wheel has eight bolt pins and that the lug holes are 6.5 inches or 165 millimeters apart.

Each car rolls off the assembly line with a particular lug pattern, and stock wheels are perfectly crafted to the particular car model. Bolt patterns and other measures such as wheel diameter, wheel width and offset are of particular importance when acquiring rims to gain an accurate fit.

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