Where Can You Find a Website to Compare Cars for Sale?


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CarMax, Cars.com and Autotrader have car comparison features. All three sites have a comparison option built into the search results list, so users can select specific cars for sale to add to the comparison grid.

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Where Can You Find a Website to Compare Cars for Sale?
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The CarMax comparison chart divides the features into general headings, such as specifications, equipment and an At A Glance overview. Each column has a subtle different color, making it easy to keep track of which car each detail is for, and CarMax quality certifications are clearly listed, some with links that explain what each does. Users can compare up to six vehicles.

Cars.com compares fewer features of each car in the chart, but the information is also divided into different headings to make it easier to find specific data. The rows alternate in color, so the information is easy to keep track of when looking through the chart. The site also has a general comparison page where users can compare cars of specific makes and models without the need for a search listing.

Autotrader also has a comparison feature where users can insert a specific type of car to compare instead of going through search results. From here, users can easily run a search to find that car for sale. The site also compares cars by using search results.

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