How Can You Find Walbro Part Numbers?

Walbro Automotive part numbers are stamped or in raised alphanumeric characters in metal or plastic on the surface of the part. The characters are stacked, and the series on top is in Latin letters, with the model number just below the letters. has a page with several categories of parts, including carburetors; fuel filters, lines, and parts; fuel pumps and diaphragms; gaskets; springs; and nuts, bolts and screws. As of 2015, is it is also possible to search for 15 types of Walbro equipment, including brush cutters, chainsaws, tillers, trimmers, lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Parts numbers and information are listed after clicking the equipment category.

One way to verify a carburetor part number is to visit the Walbro website and hover the mouse pointer over Products at the top of the home page. A drop-down menu reveals four categories of parts products. If the part in question is a carburetor for a leaf blower or trimmer, for example, clicking on Lawn & Garden brings up a page listing Walbro rotary-valve diaphragm carburetors. The series letters for each part is listed at the left of the page. The letters on the carburetor must correspond with the part number.