Where Can You Find a Volkswagen Minibus for Sale?

can-volkswagen-minibus-sale Credit: William Murphy/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A potential buyer can find various models of Volkswagen buses, including the minibus model, for sale on sites such as ClassicCars.com, eBay, AutoTrader Classics and Craigslist. Many of the listings on these sites are for restored buses, which typically sell for less than ones with original parts in good condition.

These sites offer various tools that allow users to search through results based on different aspects of the vehicle, such as its year of manufacture, price, mileage or the location of the seller. Buyers looking for a specific year of Volkswagen minibus, or any year within a certain price range, should use these features to remove irrelevant listings.

Once a buyer identifies a specific listing that meets her needs, it is important to make arrangements to see the bus in person and give it a thorough inspection. Before seeing the bus, it is helpful to research the different features of that model and year, to become familiar with which features are factory-standard. This enables her to identify any parts that are replacements. The buyer should also look for general issues with the bus, such as rust on the body or near the fenders, missing or damaged internal controls on the dashboard or problems with the tires and tail lights.