How Can a Valve Lash Be Adjusted?

How Can a Valve Lash Be Adjusted?

To adjust a valve lash, you need a remote starter switch, a set of feeler gauges and a 5/8- inch open- and closed-end wrench. Check the manual to confirm that the particular machine requires a valve lash adjustment and determine the clearances needed when cold.

First, read the specification label on the camshaft box to determine the correct valve adjustment amount. Check to confirm that the engine is cold enough before connecting the remote starter switch. Attach one lead to the wire terminal on the starter solenoid and the other to the positive terminal on the battery.

Using a 5/8- inch wrench, loosen all valve adjusters and ensure a small amount of free play. On the pushrod end of the rocker arm, push slightly downwards enough to keep the rocker arm in contact with the pushrod.

With a remote switch, bump the engine over in short increments, and press the button on the switch repeatedly until the pushrod goes down and the next bump stops moving.

Slightly loosen the valve adjuster and insert the suitable size feeler gauge between the valve’s top and the rocker arm. Slowly tighten the adjustment nut and ensure a slight drag on the feeler gauge. Repeat the procedure in the next valve lashes.