Where Can You Find Used Truck Prices Online?

Kelley Blue Book offers extensive industry-standard information on the prices of used trucks for sale by dealerships and private parties, while online car-buying portals such as TrueCar and CarsDirect.com offer more specific information on actual trucks for sale by dealerships. Used truck pricing varies significantly by geographical area.

Among all online used car and truck pricing sources available to everyday consumers, Kelley Blue Book has emerged as a top source of pricing information for used pickup trucks. The company offers a "Blue Book Value" range covering trucks for sale both by car dealerships and private parties. While pricing may fall outside these ranges based on equipment, condition and geographical area, this information is a good starting point in the search for a used truck.

For information on trucks currently listed for sale in a specific area, a variety of companies including TrueCar and CarsDirect.com publish thousands of listings for used and certified pre-owned models for sale by new and used car dealerships. Searching online classifieds such as Craigslist.org and AutoTrader.com can be a good source of information covering pricing on trucks for sale by private parties.