Where Can You Find Used Trailer Homes for Sale?

can-used-trailer-homes-sale Credit: Diehm/The Image Bank/Getty Images

MHBay.com, MyVillage and MHVillage.com post listings for mobile homes for sale throughout the United States. These sites include a variety of mobile homes that vary in age and amenities.

Visitors to MHBay.com can search for mobile home listings throughout the United States. Users can narrow a search to meet specific needs, such as searching for single-wide, double-wide or park model homes, selecting the desired number of bedrooms or bathrooms, or searching a specific city. The results include photos if available and a description of the mobile home.

MHVillage also provides mobile home listings for the entire United States. If a visitor clicks on Advanced Search, additional search criteria can be selected, such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms or the type of community desired.

Visiting MyVillage ensures buyers have comprehensive information regarding mobile homes. Information can be filtered by location using state names and zip codes. A search can also be done using a map that helps with finding a desired location for such homes. Users can conduct an advanced search by number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the desired type of community.

Before buying a manufactured home, the foundation needed for the home to stand perfectly must be considered. Unlike normal homes, whose foundations can be worked on during construction, mobile homes are constructed in factories, states Builder. The foundation site should be level and free from obstructions such as wires and trees.

Several myths surround mobile homes, including the belief that these homes are more susceptible to fires. The truth is that mobile homes are as safe as normal houses when fire is involved. The other myth is that mobile homes are vulnerable towards storms. In reality, prefabricated mobile homes are just as strong as ordinary homes, according to The Manufactured Houses Association of Oklahoma.