Where Can Used Small Travel Trailers Be Purchased?


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One of the most convenient ways to find used travel trailers to buy is to visit an RV and travel trailer dealer. Most dealers sell both new and used travel trailers.

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Many people also find their travel trailers or RVs online. Auction sites such as eBay.com have listings for travel trailers, and there are classified sites dedicated to camping vehicles. Some sellers also use general interest classified sites, such as Craigslist.com, to list their vehicles for sale.

These sites can be convenient, but since many of the trailers are all over the country, they can also be risky. Buyers may be unable to inspect the vehicle before purchasing it, and some sellers may misrepresent their items. Buyers should be prepared to fix up the trailer, especially if they buy from relatively unknown sellers. If it is possible, they should make sure to visit the trailer in person before committing to the purchase. During the inspection, the buyers should check to make sure all the mechanical and electrical equipment works and that there are no obvious signs of structural damage or leaks.

Buyers who are interested in buying from a dealer but do not live near one may want to consider contacting the dealer anyway. Many dealers ship trailers to customers, and some may even pay the buyer's travel expenses to visit the dealership in person.

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