Where Can You Find Used Engine Blocks for Sale?


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Places to find used engine blocks for sale include auto recycling yards, re-manufactured engine dealers and private sellers. An engine block contains pistons, rods, bearings and a crank that make up the basic but essential mechanical components of an engine.

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Where Can You Find Used Engine Blocks for Sale?
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Recycling yards sell used engine blocks for the fraction of the price of new ones. It is also possible to find lower mileage used engine blocks at salvage yards where prices are usually negotiable. It is a good idea to purchase the engine block from a dealer who offers a warranty to cover any unforeseen problems with the purchase.

Re-manufactured engine block dealers sell high-quality used engine blocks. The engine blocks are usually restored in factory settings to almost-new condition. Restoration involves fitting new pistons, rings and bearings. One should understand the effect of the engine block on the vehicle’s performance, fuel efficiency and drivability before fitting it.

Lastly, it is possible to buy used engine blocks from private sellers who can be found on Internet sites such as eBay or Craigslist. It is a good idea to get a qualified mechanic to inspect the block before purchasing from a private seller. Private sellers generally do not offer warranty or any form of recourse in case of problems with the engine.

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