Where Can You Find Used Cars for Sale in Guatemala?


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Find used cars for sale in Guatemala by using sites such as Craigslist.org, TradeCarView.com, Used-Cars1.com, AutoWorldOfAmerica.com and JakyList.com, as of April 2015. Buyers need to exercise caution when shopping on a classifieds site, as they require working directly with the seller and offer less protection compared to licensed dealers.

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Craiglist.org operates a section of its site dedicated entirely to the country of Guatemala. Unlike other Craigslist pages, which contain options for choosing different subsites based on popular cities or regions, there is only one page for all of Guatemala. As such, users need to use search features to narrow down listings to a specific city or area to avoid looking at listings for cars sold too far from the buyer. Most sellers on classifieds sites prefer to work with local buyers because it requires less planning and gives the seller more control if the buyer doesn't meet at a specified time.

TradeCarView.com offers a service that allows its users to purchase cars from foreign dealers and import them to Guatemala. This process involves negotiating the final price with the dealer and submitting the necessary forms to meet customs requirements. With this option, the buyer needs to pick up the car herself from the port upon its arrival into the country.

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