What Can You Find at a Used Auto Salvage Yard?

Used auto salvage yards are home to parts from various years, makes and models of cars, trucks and vans. Popular purchases include door handles, head or tail lights, windshields, cylinder heads and suspension pieces.

Parts are priced according to the type of part only, with no regard to whether it is from a domestic or foreign vehicle. Depending on the salvage yard visited, collecting parts can be either self-serve or done by an employee. Self-serve yards typically have cheaper prices. Those frequenting these types of auto salvage yards are able to remove parts in any manner they see fit, including completely dismantling or causing structural damage to the vehicle.

Those shopping in auto salvage yards may be asked to sign a waiver absolving the yard of any liability should an injury occur. Entry fees may be applicable, but they are typically no more than a few dollars.

When visiting a self-serve auto salvage yard, pack accordingly. Carry a pry bar, ratchet set, hammer, pliers and tin snips in order to dismantle cars and remove parts. Also bring a hacksaw, screwdrivers and an assortment of wrenches. For safety, come equipped with goggles, work gloves and sunscreen. It might be advantageous to wear something meant to get dirty, such as a pair of mechanic's coveralls.