Can You Use 8 Ohm Speakers in a Car?


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If a car has a standard 4 ohm amplifier receiver, then 8 ohm speakers can be safely used. The amplifier plays a role in defining how safe it is to use different types of speakers, as lower ohm amplifiers should not be paired with lower ohm speakers.

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Speaker impedance is generally static and does not stay the same number. Depending on the amount of wattage it sends, a 6 ohm speaker can reach impedance numbers as high as 50 ohms, to as low as 4 depending on its setting.

Pairing lower rated speakers, such as 4 ohms, with low power rated receivers is where a problem can arise. Speakers rated at 4 ohms use more power than those rated at 6. If paired with low power receivers, a unit can burn out.

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