Where Can You Find Tutorials on Troubleshooting a Ford Engine?

Where Can You Find Tutorials on Troubleshooting a Ford Engine?

Tutorials for learning how to diagnose problems on a Ford engine can be found on automotive self-help websites such as AutoMD and Aa1car. These websites are owned by automotive technicians whoprovide step-by-step information on how to properly diagnose engines from all makes and models.

AutoMD's websites hosts how-to tutorials for all types of makes and models. The website uses videos and written how-tos for several types of repairs, such as flat tires and drive shaft replacements.Aa1car has thousands of articles describinghow to troubleshoot mechanical problems.

The first thing that needs be inspected is the check engine light. The light is located inside the dashboard;once it turns on, the computer will have a code saved in its memory. The following instructions explain how to retrieve the code from the engine's computer.

  1. Locate the engine diagnostic plug.
  2. The diagnostic plug is located inside the cabin of the vehicle, underneath the steering wheel.

  3. Plug in a diagnostic machine.
  4. Plug a diagnostic machine into the harness and press "scan." The machine will then display all the codes that are present inside the engine's computer.

Once the check engine computer codes are displayed, the mechanic will have to follow special troubleshooting procedures to find out which component is causing the issue. Each procedure can stem from testing sensors, relays orthe mechanical efficiency of the power train components.